Lush delivers the solutions that allow you to enjoy growing plants in your modern lifestyle by harmonizing today’s cutting edge technologies

The Future is Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution which eliminates soil and soil-borne pests and provides many benefits over traditional gardening methods of the past.


more efficient use of water


Yield Production
(per same sqft)


Faster Speed
to Harvest

By combining Deep Water Culture
and Reclaimed Drip Irrigation
Techniques, LushBOX delivers
a Hydroponic Aqua Chamber
with unparalleled power and efficiency.

LEDs light the way
The benefits of LED grow lighting are substantial

Less Power Consumption

Low Heat Output

Higher Efficiency

Control of Light Spectrum

Safer with Proximity to Plants

WiFi and Remote Operation

Lower Energy Costs

Lower HVAC Costs

Greater Value

Optimal Wavelengths of Light

Better Use of Grow Chamber Height

Best Choice for Automation Solutions

*LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

LED Light

HPS Light



Plants thrive in low
heat and optimal
plant growth occurs
at 70-75ºF

Low heat LEDs allow
plants to deliver
better tasting results

Less water is needed in
low heat conditions
saving time and money



In hot environments growth slows as plants struggle to survive

Heat causes plants to lose nutrients and yield less flavourful results

Costs increase as more water is needed to feed overheated plants

Growth Stage
Spectrum Optimized

Energy Consumption

Introducing Smart Home Automation

LUSH continues to lead the self grow revolution with the introduction of LUSH iOT, allowing you to control your grow through your Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home Technology, making growing healthy plants a seamless part of your everyday lifestyle.

Fashion Meets Function

Every detail in the design of a LUSH device is carefully considered
for it’s Quality, Efficiency, Aesthetic and Value to our customer.

Mobility & Stability


Maximum Light

Safety Locking

A Colour for every Taste