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Empowers Growers With
Insights & Remote Automation

Grow Smarter

Take the guess work out of whether your plants require attention, LushAPP gives you up-to-the minute insight into all metrics of your plant’s environment.

24/7 Access to Your Grow Room
From Anywhere

Real Time data on the pH, EC, Water & Air Temperature, CO2 levels and Humidity. See Live images of your grow, make adjustments and view results anytime and from anywhere you have WiFi.

Grow Recipes

Leverage the collective wisdom of the Lush Community comprised of Master Growers, PhD Plant biologists and product partner Agronomists, with access to an ever-growing number of curated recipes. Designed to assist in your success and enhance your grow experience, simply Select, Modify, Save & Share with the #growlush Community.

Repeatable Results

Record your methods and observations throughout the grow, then review them later along with the sensor data to continuously develop & enhance your results.

LushAPP Empowers You

Access From
Any Smart Device

View Your Plants
24/7 in HD


Choose from the Lush Library of Grow Recipes created by PhD Plant Biologists, Agronomists and Master Growers. Save Notes from your best grows in your Grow Journal and share recipes within the Lush Community!

Manage Multiple Rooms
From a Single Device

LushAPP evolves the Job of tending to plants into the Business of optimizing yields.
As you scale up from a Single to Multi-Room Operation
LushAPP comes ready to monitor and control multiple grows from a single smart device.

Included with every purchase of a LUSH Device

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