Lush Control
Automate Your Grow Facility

Optimize Your Operations
Increase Your Yield and Your Bottom Line

Your Solution for All Grow Methods

The First to Provide
a Multi-Tenant Solution

Now you can provide your tenants with access to control their grows while providing management and oversight as required. LushAPP via LushCONTROL is the first to offer Multi-Tenant capabilities, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of condo boards and grow co-operatives.

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Lush for a Greener Lifestyle

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Lush serves to
pioneer the self
grow revolution by
working with
architects and
developers to
include sustainable
grow environments
in new development

LushPODs are built to order allowing for customization to suit your grow needs and providing the ability for remote communities to achieve food security by harvesting healthy crops all year round!

Resource-Conscious and yield-optimized, Lush technology is designed to maximize your harvest while ensuring energy and water consumption efficiencies.

Sustainable Community Food Opportunities

Lush works with leaders in the community to develop
sustainable healthy food options.