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Monitor, Manage and Control
Your Grow From Anywhere


The Brain of
the Operation



LCD Touch Screen


Nutrient & pH Pumps


Aux Power Outlets


Sensor & Camera Inputs

LushAPP included

WiFi enabled

From Tent to Multi-Room Set Up
Your Automation Solution

From Plant Rookie to Master Grower,
LushCONTROL helps you
Grow like a Pro!

LushCONTROL leads the evolution in Smart Grow Automation and is the brains of your grow operation. Similar to how a receiver gives you control over your home theater system, simply plug your lights, fans, nutrient lines, sensors and pumps into LushCONTROL and it will manage the climate, lighting schedule and feeding regimen for your plant’s optimal growth.

The power to harmonize the dosing of up to 4 nutrient blends and regulate the pH levels at all stages of your grow. Leave
the tedious tasks of what and when to feed and water your plants in the capable hands of LushCONTROL.

Everything You Need to Automate Your Grow Today!

Case: L x W x D, LushAPP 12" x 11" x 4"Access Via: Onboard 7" LCD Touch Screen, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, LushAPP
Weight: 18 lbsNutrient Pumps: 6
Voltage: 110VPower Outputs: 5 x 110v
Electrical Safety Standard: Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Accredited Lab Inspection
Peripheral Connections: Sensory Inputs (pH, EC, Water Level, Humidity, Air & Water Temperature)

Peripheral Ports: DB9, DB15, 2x CoaX2 x USB for Camera & Aux
Expansion SlotLushAPP Included
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