Your LushBOX / LushCONTROL connects to your location’s Wi-Fi which communicates your metrics to the Cloud.
The LushAPP accesses the grow data from the Cloud through your smart device, so that will require Wi-Fi as well.

Your LushBOX will ship 6 to 8 weeks after deposit is confirmed as received.
We are currently streamlining our manufacturing to make the shipping time even faster but we stick to our method of under promising and over delivering so this is the time frame we quote for now…but stay tuned!

The costs of shipping to your city/province/state/country are calculated during the checkout process via API plugin from the logistics provider that services your country.  The calculation on several factors and to get an accurate approximation of shipping you simply select the products you want, proceed to checkout and fill in the information that correlates to where you live as part of the order process.  The system will provide you a cost of shipping estimate before you make payment.

Approximate cost to ship LushBOX One OR LushBOX Four to most major cities in Canada = $350 – $680
(based on item class 92.5 / up to 200 lbs – these are strictly estimates and a more accurate quote will be generated for you during the checkout process when you plug in your actual shipping details)

Approximate cost to ship LushCONTROL = $65 – $95 (item class 92.5 / up to 20 lbs)

Please Note:
*All pricing is subject to duties which are the responsibility of the Customer to be paid directly to your border authority if crossing the border.
*Shipping pricing fluctuates independent of the plugin used to estimate shipping costs, if the actual shipping costs varies by more than +/- 5% of that which is quoted we will contact you for the adjusted amount prior to shipping.

Your LushBOX arrives fully assembled. Just download the LushAPP, plug in your LushBOX, read the manual and you will be up and growing in no time!

Grow yield depends on your selected strain and plant genetics. When growing a high yield strain from a clone, you should be able to grow up to 8 ounces per cycle (1 cycle = estimated 10 weeks).

The LushBOX is the most energy efficient in the market.  With very low power consumption, it uses only 300 watts for 12 hours per day, and 85 watts for the other 12 hours (approximately $15-20/month in electricity costs).

About 30 minutes per week are required from you to take care of basic tasks (the App will send you task reminders and guide you through the steps) so your plants will thrive.

CAUTION!  Growing with LushBOX may be addictive, you may want to spend hours everyday just talking to your plants and watching them grow!

LushBOX handles almost all of the tasks required to grow healthy plants – you just need to fill the water reservoir every 2-3 weeks. So if you’re planning on going on vacation, rest assured that LushBOX has your back!

5 years for the lights, 1 year for the electronics and cabinet, 6 months for the EC and pH sensors.

LushBOX works great for both seeds or clones. Just specify it in your app and the system takes it from there.

Yes, for existing or custom setups we off LushCONTROL, which is the brain of the LushBOX system and automates any existing hydroponics grow room.  Check it out on the LushCONTROL Product Page

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