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Why Organic is the Healthiest Choice for Kids – even doctors say so

Dr. Greene explains why organic is the healthiest choice for kids… Few deep-seated instincts are stronger than parents’ desire to provide healthy food for their children. It’s an emotional issue . . . and a confusing one for many new moms and dads. Organic from the start I tell parents it’s important to give their child […]

The Basics of Seed Storage

Basic Points in Seed Storage Seeds require a cool and dry location in which to be best stored. Temperature and humidity fluctuations are seeds’ worst enemies. The most vigorous seeds at harvest time will keep the longest in storage. (As a principal we only sell the brands that have the most vigorous seeds.) Improperly dried seeds […]

Why SELF GROW is the New Movement

Growing your own produce and medicinal plants is becoming a more and more viable option these days, no matter how green your thumb is.  Have you toyed with the idea of growing your own but are still picking up your produce from the grocery store, and your cannabis from the dispensary? Let’s discuss a few […]

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